Bilateral Knee up to Par

Posted: 2/13/2017

OrthoIndy surgeon performs bilateral knee replacement surgery on former colleague 

OrthoIndy patient, Michael Akers felt his knees deteriorating from stress and strain for many years. For Michael, exercise makes up a big portion of his lifestyle; he enjoys golfing, bicycling and hiking. While having an active lifestyle is something we should all strive for, it does take a toll on our


As the winter months rolled in, Michael and his wife headed west to Phoenix, Arizona, to escape Indiana’s cold winter season. But as the winter season continued, Michael’s pain started to increase.


Previously, Michael’s wife had received a total knee replacement by OrthoIndy surgeon, Dr. Frank Kolisek. “We were so pleased and impressed with Dr. Kolisek’s work, including OrthoIndy Hospital as a whole, that there was no question where we would go and who would perform my surgery when the time came.” 


In September 2015, Dr. Kolisek scheduled Michael for a right knee replacement. Dr. Kolisek specializes in knee, hip and total joint replacement. 


The right knee replacement went as smooth as can be. Michael experienced little pain, but as expected, surgery did cause him to slow down on his physical activity during the recovery process. “The whole experience was so positive. Everyone I encountered, from receptionists to doctors, were all friendly and professional,” said Michael.  As he could start to feel the positive results of the surgery, Michael now realized that he was experiencing the same kind of pains, but now in his left knee. 


“While I was prepping for surgery, Dr. Kolisek made me feel at ease as he spoke to me about the Wabash College alumni golf tournament that we both participate in; Dr. Kolisek and I are both graduates of Wabash College.”


In May 2016, Michael visited Dr. Kolisek again to determine what the next move would be to rid the pain in the left knee. After careful consideration, Dr. Kolisek decided to perform, yet another, knee replacement surgery but this time, on the left knee. While Michael was still in the recovery process for his right knee replacement he said “I have completely recovered from my right knee replacement and I still have minimal daily pain and limitations due to my left knee.” 


Michael is thoroughly pleased with the significant improvement that was seen after his right knee replacement. “I fully expect to be able to eventually walk an 18-hole golf course without pain and I have not been able to do that in perhaps over 20 years,” Michael said proudly. 


Michael and Dr. Kolisek were both able to participate in the Wabash Alumni Golf Outing on July 26, 2016. 


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kolisek, please call 317.884.5160 or request an appointment online at OrthoIndy.com/Request.

Written by, Shelby Maue. Shelby is the Marketing Intern for OrthoIndy during Summer 2016. During her internship, Maue wrote a variety of articles and blog posts, as well as aided in social media and media relations tactics for OrthoIndy and OrthoIndy Hospital. Maue is a senior at Ball State University and will graduate in May 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in public relations.

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