• Nikki from the Smiley Morning Show seeks care at OrthoIndy

    OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist Dr. Kollias helps Nikki become pain-free again

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  • No Pain, No Gain

    16 year old athlete overcomes knee condition to pursue Olympic dreams

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  • Bilateral Knee up to Par

    OrthoIndy surgeon performs bilateral knee replacement surgery on former colleague 

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  • Mind Over Matter

    After life-changing accident now retired Indianapolis Police Officer battles to maintain an active lifestyle

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  • Diving Deeper

    Trauma surgeon saves Olympic dreams for OrthoIndy patient

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  • Patient Number One and 10,000

    OrthoIndy orthopedic oncologist Dr. Bruce Rougraff treats 10,000 tumor patients, a milestone in his career 

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  • Hip to Hip, Bone to Bone

    Bilateral hip replacement leads to new and improved life for young mother of two.

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  • Overcoming Obstacles

    Determined patient rises after hard fall

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  • Pushing Through the Pain

    OrthoIndy Patient Credits Physician for Great Recovery

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