• A Runner’s Guide to Beating Achilles Tendinitis

    Sports medicine physician explains what every cross-country runner should understand about Achilles tendonitis

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  • Common Ankle Injuries

    Ankle injuries are some of the most common mishaps among sports participants, accounting for nearly half of all athletic injuries. Whether it’s running on uneven surfaces or jumping and not landing quite right on your feet, many of us have seen an ankle injury happen or experienced the pain ourselves.

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  • Plantar Fasciitis and Athletes

    Chronic plantar fasciitis is a major health care problem worldwide, affecting nearly 10 percent of the United States. Most commonly affected are athletes that participate in sports that require a lot of running, including: track and field, cross-country, baseball and soccer. 

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  • How to Avoid Pesky Shin Splints

    Shin splints are due to stress across the tibia (shin bone). Typically, shin splints are the result of repetitive impact activity such as running or jumping on hard surfaces.

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  • How is an ankle sprain treated?

    Dr. Michael Shea, OrthoIndy foot and ankle specialist, explains

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  • What happens to your feet when you wear high-heels?

    OrthoIndy foot and ankle specialist Dr. Shea explains

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