• Dull ache in your knee? It might be patellofemoral pain syndrome

    Many athletes experience a dull aching around their knee that often worsens with squats, stairs, lunges or sitting for a long period of time. 

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  • New Non-Surgical Option for Knee Osteoarthritis

    Dr. Jack Farr, OrthoIndy cartilage restoration and knee specialist, is using a new product called Lipogems®, an alternative to surgical intervention.

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  • The Gritty Details About a Meniscus Tear

    Dr. Jonathan Shook, OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist, discusses meniscus tears, how they are treated and how to avoid them.

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  • Current Research

    OrthoIndy surgeon recruiting patients for knee cartilage damage clinical trial.

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  • What can I do for my aching knee?

    What can you do for knee pain when you are not ready for surgery?

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  • New ACL Technique Helps Athlete Get Back in the Game

    Lacrosse player tears ACL and OrthoIndy surgeon uses new ACL technique to get her back in the game.

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  • Quadriceps Tendon Tears

    Quadriceps Tendon Tears, Featuring OrthoIndy Sport's Medicine Surgeon, Dr. Stephen Kollias

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  • Why does my knee hurt and periodically “click” during certain activities?

    Dr. Scott Gudeman, OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist explains

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  • ACL Tears

    Dr. Corey Kendall talks about ACL tears

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