• Swimming and Shoulder Injuries

    OrthoIndy shoulder specialist Dr. Scott Gudeman explains

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  • Why are rotator cuff tears common in sports?

    Dr. Bales, OrthoIndy sports medicine physician explains

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  • Football and Broken Collarbones

    Back to school means football season and possibly some injuries

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  • Biceps and Labral Injuries

    The biceps tendon attaches to the labrum and works with it to create arm movement in the shoulder. In many athletes this area is prone to a lot of injuries.

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  • The Danger of Shoulder Dislocations in Contact Sports

    The shoulder is the most commonly dislocated joint in the body and is usually associated with contact sports, including: football, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics and skiing. 

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  • Water sports and distal biceps tendon tears

    Water sports, such as skiing or tubing, can cause serious injuries. One injury common to water sports is distal biceps tendon tears.

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  • Shoulder Injuries

    Preventing shoulder injuries during the baseball and softball season

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  • High Impact Sports and Shoulder Dislocation

    A shoulder dislocation is a common injury in contact sports, such as football and hockey, and in sports that may involve falls, such as downhill skiing, gymnastics and volleyball.

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  • Shoulder Pain

    Featuring Dr. Jeffery Soldatis

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