• What every gymnast should know about back pain

    Dr. Langhorst explains injuries and treatments during gymnastics

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  • Common Wrestling Injuries

    Dr. Troy Roberson, OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist explains what you need to know about wrestling injuries

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  • Swimming and Shoulder Injuries

    OrthoIndy shoulder specialist Dr. Scott Gudeman explains

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  • Why are rotator cuff tears common in sports?

    Dr. Bales, OrthoIndy sports medicine physician explains

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  • Are sprains and strains just part of the game?

    Dr. Berrios explains common sport’s injuries in high school athletes

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  • A Runner’s Guide to Beating Achilles Tendinitis

    Sports medicine physician explains what every cross-country runner should understand about Achilles tendonitis

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  • Football and Broken Collarbones

    Back to school means football season and possibly some injuries

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  • Golfing Injuries Related to the Hand, Wrist and Elbow

    Both men and women, young and old enjoy golfing; however, some people may not realize that overtime golfing can cause someone a lot of injuries.

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  • Overuse Injuries in Summer Sports

    In the summer kids spend a lot of time playing baseball and training for football season. Dr. Scott Gudeman, OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist, shares tips on how to prevent overuse injuries in baseball and football.

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