• I Can Still Farm

    After traumatic injury, farmer can return to work

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  • Rotator Cuff Injuries

    Featuring OrthoIndy Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Gudeman

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  • I Can Live My Life Actively

    Total hip replacement surgery allows patient to return to an active lifestyle

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  • Too Young to Feel This Way

    13 year old undergoes hip replacement surgery

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  • I Can Enjoy Work Again

    Patient seeks treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

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  • I Know What My Patients Experience

    OrthoIndy surgeon undergoes surgery by fellow OrthoIndy surgeon

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  • Scuba Diving Lifestyle

    Patient returns to scuba diving after shoulder surgery at OrthoIndy

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  • Nothing Will Hold Me Back

    Surgery for an ACL and partial meniscus tear allows patient to return to soccer

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