• Dull ache in your knee? It might be patellofemoral pain syndrome

    Many athletes experience a dull aching around their knee that often worsens with squats, stairs, lunges or sitting for a long period of time. 

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  • New Non-Surgical Option for Knee Osteoarthritis

    Dr. Jack Farr, OrthoIndy cartilage restoration and knee specialist, is using a new product called Lipogems®, an alternative to surgical intervention.

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  • OrthoIndy Marketing Receives Recognition

    The OrthoIndy Marketing department receives national recognition for its work in 2015.

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  • You Can't Keep a Fighter Down

    Patient doesn't allow fear to keep her from living life to the fullest

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  • Outdoor Cycling Safety

    OrthoIndy trauma surgeon, Dr. Tim Weber shares five tips for making safe choices while cycling

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  • Biceps and Labral Injuries

    The biceps tendon attaches to the labrum and works with it to create arm movement in the shoulder. In many athletes this area is prone to a lot of injuries.

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  • Life is Good Again

    Hip replacement allows patient to enjoy life after retirement

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  • Hand Injuries and Sports

    According to Dr. Jeffery Whitaker, OrthoIndy hand/upper extremity specialist, sports-related hand injuries can range from minor to serious, such as a fracture or dislocation of the wrist or finger joint. 

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  • The Danger of Tobacco Use

    According to Dr. Kevin O’Neill, a spine physician at OrthoIndy, “smoking tobacco and nicotine, even in vapor cigarettes, causes all kinds of cancer.”

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