A cast is a supportive bandage that is solid and wraps around a body part and is used to support a fracture (also called a broken bone). Casts can also be used to support a joint, protect a surgical site or correct a deformity. Casts are applied using a variety of materials however the most common are plaster or fiberglass. Fiberglass cast come in a variety of colors and are lighter and stronger than plaster. Plaster casts are used in closed reductions (to reduce a fracture without surgery). Plaster is also used to correct a deformity such as clubfoot in infants. Proper application of padding and cast materials is important in the overall outcome and comfort of the patient. OrthoIndy’s orthopedic surgeons and ortho techs are skilled in casting to achieve proper bone healing and function.
Have a child that's scared about getting a cast? It's not so scary - Watch a patient get a cast and have it removed.

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