Outpatient Therapy

Our care is patient focused and individualized to meet the needs and goals of each patient, enabling individuals to return to more active lifestyles quicker and in most cases, without pain. We exceed national averages for treatment of knee and shoulder conditions, based on the LIFEware® Outpatient Outcomes Tracking System.
OrthoIndy Hospital was the first hospital in Indiana to purchase the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®, which benefits both patients suffering from an injury, walkers and runners. 

Services (some services are specific to location)

  • Treatment of all upper/lower extremity orthopedic injuries

  • Post-operative upper/lower extremity rehab

  • Conservative/post-operative treatment of the spine

  • Treatment of sports related injuries including running injuries

  • Joint mobilization, soft-tissue mobilization

  • Spinal stabilization/Core strengthening programs

  • Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM)

  • Cervical/Pelvic Traction

  • Hand therapy

  • Clinical modalities ranging from ice, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, biofeedback and iontophoresis/phonophoresis

  • Custom foot orthotics, customized upper extremity splinting/bracing

  • Work conditioning programs


Schedule an Appointment

A receptionist will schedule your first initial visit with a physical therapist, where all aspects of your injury will be evaluated. At the end of your first visit, your physical therapist will initiate a treatment and home exercise program specific to your injury or surgery.
Please remember: You must bring your prescription to your initial visit. Any necessary follow-up visits will be scheduled after your initial therapy evaluation.
Although our front desk will call to verify your insurance benefits, it is each patient’s responsibility to know their specific insurance plan and allowed benefits to receive physical or occupational therapy.

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