The OrthoIndy Hospital focuses on bone, joint, spine and muscle care and complex surgical procedures including total joint (hip and knee) replacements and spinal operations.

If you would like to watch video clips of surgeries performed at OrthoIndy Hospital, please visit our Videos page. Please note these videos are not animated.

Common Surgeries

Here is a list of a few of the most common surgeries performed at OrthoIndy Hospital.
ACL reconstruction
Ankle arthrodesis surgery
Ankle replacement
Carpal tunnel surgery
Carticel® Autologous Chondroctye Implanation
Cervical fusion
Endoscopic carpal tunnel
Hammer toe surgery
Hip arthroscopy
Investigational Surgical Procedures
Knee arthroscopy
Lumbar fusion
Meniscal Transplantation
Meniscal Substitution
Micro lumbar discectomy
Muscle-skeletal tumor surgery
Open reduction and internal fixation of upper and lower extremity
Osteochondral Allograft and Autograft
Partial knee replacement
Rotator cuff repair
Shoulder arthroscopy
Spine decompression
Spine fusion
Spine surgery
Tendon and soft tissue fixation of upper and lower extremity
Total hip replacement
Total hip revisions
Total joint replacement
Total knee replacement
Total knee revisions
Total shoulder replacement
XLIF procedures

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