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The OrthoIndy Hospital’s mission is, “To be a leader in advancing quality musculoskeletal care and technology while providing superior access, service and care to our patients and their families.”
Our hospital was built when OrthoIndy physicians saw an increasing need to provide specialized orthopedic care in a patient-focused environment. OrthoIndy Hospital’s philosophy is a physician-owned hospital model where patients experience superior service, safety and patient satisfaction because physicians are involved in every aspect of your care.

The OrthoIndy Hospital focuses on bone, joint, spine and muscle care and complex surgical procedures including total joint (hip and knee) replacements and spinal operations.
Our main facility, OrthoIndy Hospital Main, is located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, offers outpatient and inpatient procedures. For those individuals undergoing more invasive procedures, such as disc replacement, spinal fusion or total joint replacement, OrthoIndy Hospital provides inpatient care with round-the-clock patient-focuses services and staff.

Because of advancements in medical technology, many of the surgeries performed at OrthoIndy Hospital can be completed on an outpatient basis. Our hospital has two additional facilities for outpatient procedures: OrthoIndy Hospital South, located in Greenwood and OrthoIndy Hospital West, located in Brownsburg. Outpatient surgery consists of stays lasting 23 hours or less.


Procedure Videos

Are you an individual who likes to know exactly what happens during surgery? If so, we will have a number of surgery clips available to watch.

Need to pre-register for your surgery?
Please bring the following information on the day of surgery to ensure you will have everything you need for a quick and efficient registration process:

  • Insurance card and personal ID card

  • Proof of legal guardianship/power of attorney (If you plan on someone other than yourself signing hospital consents you will need these legal forms)

  • Advance directives (optional)

At OrthoIndy Hospital we want to make sure that every patient and their family has the information needed to make informed health care decisions. The Indiana State Department of Health has provided us with a complete discussion of health care decisions called “Advanced Directives.” You will be provided a copy of this information when you check in for your surgery.

Health Information

A nurse from the anesthesia department will contact you by phone to review your complete medical history. This is necessary for your safety to make sure all health information is correct and up-to-date.



These CMS-issued notification forms are not modifiable by any entity or individual unless otherwise indicated in the forms below. They include the list of health care providers and suppliers that have estabilished a collaborator agreement with OrthoIndy Hospital.

CJR Hospital Notification Letter
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