The fundamental goal of the Stem Cell, Ortho-Biologics and Regenerative Medicine Program is to provide cutting edge treatments with a sound scientific foundation. The program is an evolution of the Cartilage Restoration Center that was conceptualized in 1995 and has grown to involve complete knee restoration including: articular cartilage, ligaments and menisci.

Patients are often searching for ways to avoid a knee replacement. Often the search starts with cartilage restoration options; that is, replacing worn out cartilage with new cartilage. Unfortunately, some patients have arthritis changes and are not candidates for knee biologic restoration. For those patients in this situation who still want to avoid knee replacement, biologic injections may offer that alternative.
With the Stem Cell, Ortho-Biologics and Regenerative Medicine Program, we offer a potential “bridge” between biologic knee restoration and (artificial) total knee replacement. To be clear, most insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid label these treatments as “experimental/ investigational” and do not pay for these treatments. Consult with your Health Savings Account (HSA) adviser, as prescribed medical treatments may be allowed for payments from your HSA account. Prepayment is necessary depending on the injection.

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  • PRP with ultrasound guided injection included:  $600
  • Stem cells with ultrasound guided injection included: adipose derived Lipogems® and Marrow Cellutions® bone marrow aspirate: both at $2,500
  • Amniotic membrane and cells (ReNu®)  with Ultrasound guided injection included: from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on volume

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