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Founded over 50 years ago, OrthoIndy is one of the most highly respected orthopedic practices in the Midwest. With over 70 physicians providing care to central Indiana residents from more than 10 convenient locations, OrthoIndy provides leading-edge bone, joint, spine and muscle care. 
In 1962, Drs. Donald Blackwell and F. Robert Brueckmann founded the Blackwell and Bruekmann Partnership, which became the foundation for a unique medical practice known as OrthoIndy.
In March 2005, OrthoIndy opened its very own orthopedic hospital to better serve its patients. Formally known as the Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital, the OrthoIndy Hospital is Indiana’s first specialty hospital with a direct focus on orthopedic care. OrthoIndy Hospital focuses on musculoskeletal care and complex surgical procedures including total joints (hip and knee) and spinal operations.
Spanning over 130,000 square feet, the hospital was built when OrthoIndy physicians saw an increasing need to provide specialized orthopedic care in a patient-focused environment. Designed by orthopedic physicians and healthcare architects, OrthoIndy Hospital Main is light, airy and modern, offering patients, as well as their family members, a comfortable and home-like environment. OrthoIndy has two additional hospital facilities, located in Brownsburg (OrthoIndy Hospital West) and Greenwood (OrthoIndy Hospital South), featuring a clinic, urgent care clinic, outpatient surgery, imaging and physical therapy.
Services provided by OrthoIndy Hospital will enable patients to return to a more active lifestyle, quicker and in most cases, with less pain. Because of advancements in medical technology, many of the surgeries performed at the hospital can be completed on an outpatient basis, consisting of patient stays lasting 23 hours or less. For patients who are undergoing more invasive procedures, OrthoIndy Hospital provides inpatient care with round-the-clock patient-focused services and staff.
OrthoIndy Hospital is ACR accredited and HFAP certified.
Download the list of physician owners of OrthoIndy Hospital: OrthoIndy Hospital Owners

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