Our Impact

Here is a look at some of the lives OrthoIndy Foundation has impacted.

Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity


habitat-house-(1).jpgOrthoIndy Foundation built a home in Beech Grove for Vito Sanders, a disabled veteran who is currently taking college courses through his Post 9/11 GI Bill and the VA program, VOCREHAB to study Mechanical Engineering Technologies. Prior to building his home this past summer, Vito had moved numerous times and was living in a small, overpriced apartment nearly 40 minutes from school. It had been a dream of Vito’s to become a homeowner, long before he entered the U.S. Army. 

“I feel so blessed. This has been the most amazing experience! I loved working alongside the OrthoIndy team. They were unbelievably kind and arrived each morning energized and ready to work! Through this incredible blessing, I hope to finish my degree and pay it forward; especially Veterans, so that they might also have an opportunity to better their future, as I did. Thank you OrthoIndy Foundation!” - Vito Sanders


OrthoIndy Foundation provided workshop for pre-fab building of ramps.

"The SAWs Mission Statement has always contained three goals:
To free low income people from the saws.jpgprison of their disabilities, to provide volunteers with a fulfilling experience and to show God’s love in the community. 

The grant from OrthoIndy Foundation and the building it supports has given us the ability to do all three more effectively and on a much broader scale. The prefab shop and storage warehouse enables us to serve many more clients in a shorter time frame than we could from our old two bay garage. We are now prefabricating for five counties out of this one facility. 

While that is exciting and rewarding, the expansion of our role in the lives of volunteers is greater still. We are now targeting three groups to involve in an apprenticeship program that will help them acclimate or re-acclimate to society while enhancing their self-worth by helping others. Those three groups are “at risk youth,” ex-offenders and trustees, and veterans. 

The new building gives us the space to embrace partnerships with other organizations that are also focused on these demographics. The prospects of impacting the lives of volunteers as well as those of people with disabilities is exciting and made possible by OrthoIndy Foundation’s generosity." - Rik Hagarty, Executive Director


OrthoIndy Foundation provided scholarships for therapeutic riding.

Agape.jpg"OrthoIndy Foundation's generous contribution continues to support 12 individuals with orthopedic challenges as they receive therapeutic riding weekly to help improve their quality of life. Your gift has benefited families who have financial difficulties and, otherwise, would not be able to afford Therapeutic Riding lessons. We have seen significant improvements in all 12 riders across both physical and emotional development skills. Riders have improved their strength, postural balance and control, as well as confidence. Without you, these riders could not benefit from Agape’s Therapeutic Riding program. OrthoIndy Foundation's kindness and generosity is the reason so many children have benefited from the miracles and unbridled hope that therapeutic riding provides." - Amanda Bocik, Executive Director

Back on my Feet

OrthoIndy Foundation provided scholarships, running equipment, socials, coaching and case 


jack.jpg"Because of Back on My Feet I know what it is like just to 

smile at other people.
When I joined Back on My Feet I was full of shame. I was ashamed of my past and I was embarrassed that I didn’t have any teeth. I never smiled at anyone and was a grumpy person, thinking I was a waste of space. Because of the support of Back on My Feet I was able to get new dentures. I am now able to whistle and smile with pride. I now smile at people I pass in the street because I can, it might brighten their day just like Back on My Feet has brightened my life. I’m accepted and loved and now know I add value to the world." - Jack, Veteran

Morning Dove

OrthoIndy Foundation purchased and installed an electronic lift at Morning Dove.

surehands.jpg“With the addition of this lift, Morning Dove is now able to serve riders with more involved physical disabilities. Riders unable to ambulate, or even bear weight to transfer from their wheel chairs to the horse were previously limited in what they could do in our program. Now, any instructor of any size can transfer a rider from their chair to their therapy horse. Once mounted, the 3-dimension movement and warmth of the horse helps our riders improve core strength, balance and in some cases find their “center” for the first time. The freedom and confidence that develops for an otherwise wheelchair bound person is probably the most inspiring result of their riding! Morning Dove ‘s mission of improving the lives of people with disabilities is significantly enhanced by the generous grant that funded our new SureHands lift!” - Elizabeth Coit, Executive Director

St. Anthony Parish and School


OrthoIndy Foundation purchased equipment for newly built gymnasium."We were able to build on your generosity by seeking additional support from alumni and friends ofSt. Anthony School, parish, and the Mother Theodore Catholic Academies. Our outreach resulted in an additional $13,000 in contributions. Our gym fund efforts have allowed us to purchase a new volleyball net and referee stand as well as a scoreboard for the gymnasium. We now offer youth athletics as well as offer adult exercise classes, men’s basketball, and an adult volleyball league." - Father John McCaslin

Survive Alive

OrthoIndy Foundation purchased equipment for new building.
Survive Alive was opened in April of 1995 over 20 years ago and has educated over 160,000 children! However, the years have been hard on the facility and even harder on our website. The incredible gift that OrthoIndy has given to us will give Survive Alive new life! Not only will the facility be brought up to date with cool new props and a fresh look but our website will be able to do things it has never been capable of doing before. Children will have a life changing experience in our updated facility and will be able to continue the learning by visiting our new website. On the website they can access fun, exciting educational games and activities from any smart device, expanding our reach and enhancing the learning experience. I thank OrthoIndy not just for saving Survive Alive, but for saving the lives of all those who will pass through our facility or visit our website and their families. It is impossible to measure the true impact of this incredible gift. Our motto is “It Takes a Village to Save a Child.” Thanks for saving our Village. – Captain Aleatha A. Henderson, Director of Public Education/Firefighters Survive Alive 


OrthoIndy Foundation's assistance provided training for new dogs and supplies for training three new dogs.
For these service dogs to be successful with their partners, they need to train with the same type of adaptive equipment that their future partners will be using. The support of OrthoIndy Foundation has helped make these life-changing partnerships possible. Thank you OrthoIndy Foundation! - Sally Irvin, Executive Director

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