OrthoIndy Urgent Care

Orthopedic Care without the Drama

July 2015, OrthoIndy launched a new service for Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. OrthoIndy Urgent Care clinics are available at our OrthoIndy Northwest, Fishers, South and West locations. OrthoIndy Urgent Care is intended for patients with very recent injuries, sprains or broken bones (fractures). The urgent care clinics provide immediate access to orthopedic care so you can avoid the emergency room wait and cost. Because patients are seen without appointments, we are unable to predict your wait time.

Some orthopedic injuries may require emergency room attention. Visit our Who Can Be Seen page for more information. If emergency room attention is required, please visit the Trauma Center at St.Vincent Indianapolis. The OrthoIndy Trauma team is exclusively at St.Vincent Indianapolis and is on call 24/7 for orthopedic trauma.

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