What Hurts?

At OrthoIndy and OrthoIndy Hospital, we are committed to providing a complete range of bone, joint, spine and muscle care to Indianapolis, the Midwest and the Nation.
Our physicians are specialists in all orthopedic sub-specialties, providing a number of services and procedures to enable patients to return to a more active lifestyle, quicker and in most cases, with less pain.
Tell us what hurts by clicking one of the links to the left and we will find you a provider in that orthopedic specialty. You can also click the icons below for more information.


neck-and-back-orthoindy.jpgNeck and Back
Does your neck, upper or lower back hurt?
Do you have pain in your shoulder?
hand-and-wrist-orthoindy.jpgHand & Upper Extremity
Have you injuried your hand, wrist or arm?
Do you have pain in your hip?
Have you injuried your knee, thigh or calf?
foot-and-ankle-orthoindy.jpgFoot & Ankle
Have you injuried your ankle or foot?
Are you just in pain? Talk to one of our physiatrists.

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